ZX Spectrum Loading Schemes:

Indicates loaders that are handled using the correct timing information and sub-block structures.
Indicates loaders that don't requie a specific decoder but could do with a decoder with specific timings.
Indicates loaders that still need specific decoder.

CSW (v1) Sample available for download (click to download), works in ZX Spin, Spectaculator & CSW Viewer
CSW (v2) Sample available for download (click to download), works in CSW Viewer & Spectaculator / RealSpectrum
WAV (8-Bit Mono) Sample available for download (useful for timings, pauses and original sample)

For the explanation of the terms used to describe the structure of the schemes see the explanation.

Completely resolved schemes
Schemes for which the saving routine is available or which can be completely reconstructed from the loading routine/tape recording.

Loading Scheme Titles Using Scheme Publishers Using Scheme Ability of Decoding
Busy soft Double Dash, Kliatba noci, Quadrax Ultrasoft      
Cyberlode 1.1  Cauldron (Silverbird),  Antiriad (Silverbird) Silverbird
Elite Kokotoni Wilf, Dukes of Hazzard Elite
Flash Load  Great Fire of London,  Cliff Hanger New Generation Software
FTL Shockway Rider, Hydrofool (Rack-It), Thundercats, Supertrux FTL (Faster Than Light)
Gargoyle Heavy on the Magick, Lightforce (Rack-It) Gargoyle Games, FTL
Gremlin Rocky (Rocco), Metabolis, Monty on the Run, Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth, West Bank (Gremlin), Way of the Tiger, Bounder, Jack the Nipper, Avenger, Future Knight, Footballer of the Year Gremlin Graphics      
Haxpoc-Lock Star Wars  
Hyper-Loading Laserwarp, Air Traffic Control Mikro-Gen      
Jon North YS Poke Tapes Your Sinclair      
Microsphere Skool Daze,  Sky Ranger,  Back to Skool Microsphere      
Microprose Times of Lore, Xenophobe Microprose      
Mikro-Gen Automania,  Pyjamarama, Witch's Cauldron, Everyone's a Wally, Herbert's Dummy Run, Shadow of the Unicorn, Three Weeks in Paradise (both), Battle of the Planets, Equinox, Stainless Steel, Frost Byte, Cop-Out Mikro-Gen
Players 1 Xanthius, Deviants, Cybernation, Fernandez Must Die, Fox Fights Back, Tomcat, Shanghai Warriors, Street Gang, Task Force, Street Cred' Football, Street Cred' Boxing, Subway Vigilante, Mutant Fortress, Spooked, Cobra Force, Shark, Prohibition; Denizen, Skateboard Construction System; Moving Target, Vatman, Elven Warrior, Saigon Combat Unit, War Machine, Joe Blade 3, Lost Caves, Psycho City, Prison Riot; SU Covertapes, YS Covertapes Players, Mirrorsoft (Image Works), Sinclair User, Your Sinclair
Really-quite-fast loader Gary Lineker's Superskills Gremlin Graphics      
Sentient Tai-Pan, A Question of Scruples, Guerrilla War, W.E.C. Le Mans; SU Covertapes, YS Covertapes Sentient Software, Sinclair User, Your Sinclair      
Software Projects  BC's Quest for Tires,  Learning with Leeper Software Projects
Zydroload Light Corridor Infogrames      
NN:Worldcup  World Cup Football Artic      
NN:Hollywood Poker Hollywood Poker        
NN:Roller Coaster Roller Coaster        

Nearly resolved schemes
Schemes reconstructed from the examination of the loading routine and the tape recording.

Loading Scheme Titles Using Scheme Publishers Using Scheme Ability of Decoding
The Edge  Starbike,  Psytraxx,  Brian Bloodaxe, That's the Spirit The Edge
Gremlin 2  Basil the Mouse Detective (10 Great Games 2),  Mask,  Mask (10 Great Games 2) Gremlin Graphics  
Injectaload/Excelerator 3D Game Maker, Book of the Dead (CRL), Ninja Hamster
Jack the Ripper,  The Last Mohican, Loads of Midnight
Jet-Load  Classroom Chaos, Dungeon Dare, Prelude,  The Greatest Show on Earth Central Solutions
LazerLoad 48  Macadam Bumper PSS
Micromega Braxx Bluff, Kentilla, Jasper, Jasper (PCG), A Day in the Life Micromega      
ODEload Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Question Tape side B, Sailing, Sailing (Mastertronic), Sailing (Mastertronic Plus) Domark, Activision Inc      
Players 2 Joe Blade, Andy Capp, Tetris, Thing, Tanium, Shanghai Karate, Metal Army, Sword Slayer; SU Covertapes, YS Covertapes Players, Mirrorsoft, Sinclair User, Your Sinclair
UnilODE  Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition Question Tape Side A, Trivial Pursuit Baby Boomer Edition Question Tape side B, Trivial Pursuit Young Players Edition Question Tape Domark      
Speedlock Associates  Dan Dare 2 Virgin Games Ltd.      
NN:Moonlighter Moonlighter Software Super Savers      

Unresolved schemes

Loading Scheme Titles Using Scheme Publishers Using Scheme Ability of Decoding
Alkatraz 720°, Artura, Legend of Kage U.S.Gold, Gremlin
Alkatraz 2  Outrun Europa, Gauntlet 3, Strider 2 U.S. Gold
Activision (MultiLoad) Time Scanner, Pac-Land Activision    
Bleepload Blacklamp, Bubble Bobble, I,Ball Firebird
Dinaload (Dinamic Loader) Capitan Trueno, Cosmic Sheriff, Freddy Hardest En Manhattan Sur, Grand Prix Master, Michel Futbol Master, Satan Dinamic    
Digital Integration ATF,  TT Racer (4 Aces),  Tomahawk (4 Aces) Digital Integration  
EDOS Most EDOS Re-Releases EDOS
Lerm  Lerm Microdrive 1 - Side A,  Lerm Microdrive 1 - Side B,  Lerm Tape Copier 6,  Lerm Tape Copier 7 Lerm Software      
Movieload Moonstrike Mirrorsoft      
Novaload 48 Swords & Sorcery, Covenant        
Nu-Load Ninety One Hunt for Red October The - Based on the Movie        
Paul Owens Protection System Rainbow Islands, The Untouchables Ocean  
Poliload (Dinamic Loader) Astro Marine Corps, Rescate Atlantida (Rescue From Atlantis) Dinamic    
Power-Load 48  Arena, Boulderdash, Confuzion, Deathwake, Dynamite Dan Mirrorsoft, Incentive Software Ltd.
Rapid Travel With Trashman, Zombie Zombie New Generation Software, Quicksilva
Richlock Light Force Faster Than Light
Search Loader (MultiLoad) The Final Matrix, Ranarama Gremlin, Hewson
SoftLock Cylu, Elite 48k, Rasputin Firebird
Speedlock 1 Batman, Beach Head, Mikie Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 2 Enduro Racer, Green Beret Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 3 Leviathan  
Speedlock 4 Arkanoid, Athena, Outrun Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 5 Road Blasters Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 6 The Fury, Platoon Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 7 most of the Hit Squad ReReleases Imagine/Ocean
Speedlock 8 ?  Robcop 3 Imagine/Ocean      
Sprite Novaload  Theatre Europe        
Zeta Loader   Ramsoft    
unknown Zanthrax        
unknown  Myla Di'Kaich        
unknown  Twister System 3 Software      
unknown  Falcon Patrol 2 Virgin Games Ltd.