A new fast loading scheme for the ZX Spectrum

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Latest update: 8 March 2017

SetoLOAD is a new fast loading scheme ("turbo"), made by me for use with all ZX Spectrums.

It is available in two versions, Normal and Multi; each of them comes in several variations. SetoLOAD has been developed for my Seto Taisho Vs Yokai game and is based upon a modification of the Spectrum ROM loading routine. Loading speed is about 3000 baud, twice the amount of the ordinary one.

Normal version is 178 bytes long and features up to four colors, two for the pilot tone and two for data. Here is a list of all of its variations:

  • red-cyan/blue-yellow (same as the ROM routine);
  • blue-yellow/red-cyan;
  • magenta-green/black-white;
  • red-cyan/black-white;
  • black-blue;
  • black-red;
  • black-magenta;
  • black-green;
  • black-cyan;
  • blue-green/black-cyan.

There are two variations for the Multi version. They can be distinguished through the data tone lines, thinner in the first one, wider in the second. The first variation is 187 bytes long, the second is 186.

SetoLOAD is relocatable; in order to do this, the value of ORG in the source files must be modified accordingly, and the code must be assembled at the required address. As with every other fast loading scheme, SetoLOAD will work when placed in uncontented memory (from address 32768 on).

SetoLOAD is freeware. You may use it in all of your projects, even commercial ones. All I ask you in return is to mention me as its author somewhere, for instance: "'SetoLOAD' turbo loading scheme by Alessandro Grussu".

Download here: Sources - Example file

Some other examples of practical applications:


Bug fixed version
(Introspec/Einar Saukas)


2015 edition (v1.3)


New loading screens (M. Stawicki/Diver)

Fist-Ro Fighter

Gift From The Gods

New loading screen (Marco Antonio Del Campo)


All versions



Order Of Mazes, The

Saboteur II

Speeded-up 48/128 versions (Alex Rider)
New loading screen (Oleg Origin)

Snake Escape



New loading screen
(M. Stawicki, slightly modified by me)

Azzurro 8Bit Jam

Tir Na Nog

Bug fixed version (Shadow Maker)
New loading screen (Mark R. Jones)

The Speccies

El Stompo



Bug fixed version (The Bandit/Einar Saukas)